Got a gaping door-knob sized hole in the wall behind your door? The moulding by the door looking ragged and beat up? Is that old fashioned door stopper scuffing up your baseboards?

Get SMART and STOP it all right now with the first ever fully adjustable, multi angle door stopper that works by stopping the door at the hinge! This unit is so strong you only need one to STOP any residential door in its tracks, at precisely the angle you desire.

Available in the 3 most popular hardware finishes, this innovative design will blend in flawlessly with any existing hardware. So SMART and simple to install that it takes just seconds to set the correct angle and lock in a safe opening distance on any door.

Never repair another wall, baseboard or moulding because of an inferior door stop. Get the Smart-Stop™ hinge pin door stop and STOP the damage.

Smart stop product shot

Hassle Free Installation!
In just 3 easy steps

  1. Remove existing pin from hinge.

  2. Set Smart-Stop™ to desired angle.
    (See chart below for reference)

  3. Insert the specially designed Smart-Stop pin supplied through the Smart-Stop™ and the hinge as shown to the right.


Video link Click here to watch the installation video and read tips and guides on how to get the best results with your Smart-Stop™.


Designate your preferred angle right at the hinge with a system that allows for multiple settings.

Here is a quick reference for the 3 most commonly used settings.

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